VR now a part of ‘Empathy Training’

Virtual reality (VR) training company STRIVR has already made its mark with the immersive teaching systems which are being used by the NFL, NCAA, NBA and NHL for their athletes. But it’s not just the sports that interests STRIVR, as it is also using its expertise to help major companies like Wal-Mart, United Rentals and now Fidelity to train employees on customer service, management, and … Continue reading VR now a part of ‘Empathy Training’

Now browse the web in VR with Chrome

While being a superhero or flying into space might sound like more fun ways to make use of VR, virtual reality technology is here to also transform the way we experience everyday stuff – like watching movies or browsing the web. With its recent release, Google Inc.’s flagship browser Chrome on Android will now allow users who have the Google Daydream virtual reality headset to … Continue reading Now browse the web in VR with Chrome

Now VR will help us Fall in Love

“The 36 Questions That Lead To Love” based on work by the psychologist Arthur Aron is now not unknown to any. The New York Times caused quite a stir with it in 2015 and now, there is a VR experience based on the same. Oculus along with director Kevin Cornish recently launched an experiential virtual reality effort, Fall in Love VR. The main idea of … Continue reading Now VR will help us Fall in Love

Khaled Hosseini gives an emotional VR tribute to Alan Kurdi

In order to respect the second anniversary of the tragic death of Alan Kurdi, award winning novelist and UNHCR Goodwill ambassador Khaled Hosseini wrote a fictional letter called Sea Prayer in collaboration with The Guardian. Just in case you guys can’t recall Alan Kurdi, he was the little three-year-old boy who drowned and whose body was found washed up on a shore in Turkey after … Continue reading Khaled Hosseini gives an emotional VR tribute to Alan Kurdi

Microsoft takes a middle ground in the “Virtual” race

Virtual reality has been doing rounds in the real world for long but since 2016, it seems to be the only thing on everybody’s mind. Even after the technological giants stepping in the virtual race, the technology has not been widely adopted and the reason for the same can be the considerably high costs of the available headsets. Microsoft is one of several tech companies … Continue reading Microsoft takes a middle ground in the “Virtual” race

Delivery drivers use VR to hone skills

Earlier also we have spoken about how good a tool can virtual reality be for the training purposes and the delivery giant UPS seems to agree with us. UPS drivers preparing to get behind the wheel will soon be using virtual reality to do so. The company’s new VR training program will be rolling out next month at nine of the company’s training facilities, simulating … Continue reading Delivery drivers use VR to hone skills

The new ‘Firefox’ is up and running!

Starting from today, the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser – Firefox 55 – will be loaded with an array of exciting new features which might make you think about switching back from Google Chrome, even if momentarily. The same applies to switching from Microsoft Edge also, but to be honest, we don’t really know of anybody using Microsoft Edge. The biggest addition to … Continue reading The new ‘Firefox’ is up and running!

Best virtual reality applications

For quite some time we have been discussing the new developments in the VR industry. So now taking a step back, let’s have a look at the existing ways of entertainment for various VR mediums. In case you are still not clear as to what we are talking about; today’s blog will cover the best virtual reality applications available for the different headgears. Let’s get … Continue reading Best virtual reality applications

Hollywood studios join the “virtual” race

After the announcement of Disney’s latest VR entry, the Power United VR, we can confidently say that Hollywood’s biggest studios are all betting on virtual reality, just that the degree of involvement varies. With the box office growing slowly and the pay-TV landscape in flux, studios feel like they can’t miss out on what could be a big part of the future of filmed entertainment. … Continue reading Hollywood studios join the “virtual” race

Now be a ‘Superhero’ with VR

If it wasn’t already clear to the world that Disney is big on wearable gaming, it is now with the announcement of Powers United VR. Disney’s D23 Expo covers all aspects of its entertainment empire, and recently the studio revealed that virtual reality is coming to the Marvel universe. Marvel Powers United VR is being made by Oculus and Sanzaru Games, and it’s pretty much … Continue reading Now be a ‘Superhero’ with VR