How brands are embracing VR: Part 2- Travel virtually with the real ‘King of Good Times’

Continuing our series, let’s talk about the other brands which have adopted the VR technology and given it a new definition. It is not only the technical biggies who are cashing in on the popularity of virtual reality and launching new products very often but every big and small company is looking to explore this area for new possibilities. Our this week’s feature is the Indian brand which is synonymous with good times. No points for guessing, we are talking about Kingfisher.


The alcoholic beverage giant Kingfisher is amongst the first ones in the country who chose to give a taste of Virtual Reality to its consumers. The company started its journey with VR with its unforgettable game ‘KF Beer Coaster’ which definitely was the first-of-its-kind experience. With this game, many consumers experienced the much talked about Oculus Rift in action for the first time. They got to sit on motion chairs in a virtual reality booth as they were taken for a roller-coaster ride in a VR environment. If you think that this is the coolest thing to come across, then you must hold on because the best is yet to come.


Kingfisher, being all about priceless experiences, launched a new virtual reality campaign in association with Spectra VR Studios, utilizing the growing popularity of VR headsets. The campaign titled as “KF 360 cities” allows the viewers to have an immersive tour of major Indian cities. And no worries if you still don’t possess a Samsung Gear or Google cardboard, because you can have a 360-degree view of these videos on Youtube or Facebook though not as immersive as the VR experience. How often do we plan to take a leave from work and go for a holiday but they fail to realize either because of boss’ fear or the big bucks an exotic trip demands? But here to our rescue is ‘KF 360 cities’ which brings the various destinations to us and the best part is we don’t have to face the scary boss for a leave or burn a hole in the pocket.


Kingfisher is truly ‘The King of Good Times’ and obviously, every vacation is incomplete without Kingfisher. The company’s ideology and the true meaning of a good time is highlighted in all the videos. If the backwaters of Kerala, the sand dunes of Jaisalmer or the beaches of Goa weren’t enough “me time” for you, the brand has promised to cover 30 to 40 cities through this campaign.


As mentioned earlier as well, the brand is not experimenting with VR for the first time. It is one of the brands who is a pro at bringing out theme specific VR games. The first one was ‘Kingfisher Super Chasers VR Game’ which became the most talked about thing during the IPL season. The game not only attracted a lot of fans at the on-ground activations but the cricketers also tried their hands at the game. The latest addition to it is the ‘KF Ultra Derby VR Game’ which was showcased at the Kingfisher Ultra Derby 2016 held in Bengaluru.

Seems like Kingfisher has big plans leveraging on the popularity of this growing technology but only time will tell about the upcoming VR explosions.



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