Two New York men on a Virtual Reality spree

In the recent past Virtual Reality has evolved itself as a superpower in the digital world as most of the today’s generation is getting more attracted to the technological world. The recent few advancements in VR has made it one of the favorites among the youth. VR lovers like you and me are in search of new opportunities of experiencing the Virtual Reality and its advancements. With such a passion for VR, two New -York based men set a Guinness world record of viewing the VR content for 50 long hours. Yes! You heard it right.

When the world was busy celebrating the festival of Easter, Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso, 26 and Alex Christison, 37were busy creating a World record for viewing the VR content in a spree of 50 hours. The event was organized by  Cyberlink which promotes the VR-Playback features PowerDVD 17 Software. Alejandro and Alex had to literally surrender themselves in the VR environment without being sleepy. The content was viewed with the help of Oculus Rift headsets which were connected to VR-capable laptops in their apartments. The VR viewing marathon started at 8.45 am on April 15, 2017, and continued till 10.45 am on April 17, 2017. Under Guinness World Records rules, the duo was allowed 5 minutes breaks for every hour.

2 (2)

Two witnesses were constantly keeping a check on the contestants so that they didn’t fall asleep. Cameras and eye-monitoring software were used by the witnesses in order to monitor the two contestants. An official judge from the Guinness World record observed the final hours of the event. The contestants kept themselves energized with the help of Red Bull, energy drinks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, smoothies, and coffee.

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So now that you know everything about the record, one question which can pop in your head is what exactly the two men viewed. Well, the list is a way to long as its duration. The duo watched back to back VR movies and 360-degree shorts such as ‘Kong VR: Destination Skull Island’ and short film ‘Invasion!’ from Baobab Studios. Other VR content viewed by them was- ‘The Walking Dead: Surrounded 360 Experience’; ‘Arrival VR’; and Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ VR short. Movies like ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,’ ‘Blazing Saddles’ and ‘Hot Fuzz.’

Dr. Robert Glatter, an ER physician kept a close eye on the health of the two men as more exposure to Virtual Reality can lead to dangerous side effects like nausea, dizziness, impaired balance and many other visionary problems. But nothing of this sort happened and the VR bingers completed their task in a rather easy way.


With the growing advancements and introduction of new technology, we hope that many such records are created which can take Virtual Reality at the peak level.


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