Baahubali 2 leading the way to VR for Indian cinema

‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ when announced made all the heads turn as the magnum opus by S.S Rajamouli is all set to entertain the audience once again. Apart from the best of the actors, another biggest highlight of the film is the massive and lively erected sets. The makers of the film recently made a new experiment which will surely bring along a drastic change in the media and entertainment industry. The first ever pre-release event in Virtual Reality was hosted in the city of Hyderabad which can also be claimed as the India’s first ever Live Virtual Reality event. With the help of VR, the makers gave their fans a lifetime experience to be at the actual event along with their favourite stars.

The makers of Baahubali first released a VR tour of the massive Baahubali set last year. Rajamouli has also directed a virtual reality film, which is inspired by the characters of Baahubali world called Sword Of Baahubali.  In the VR experience, fans can ride horses, fight battles, and interactively engage with Baahubali, making this the first full VR experience for any film in India. The fans see the medieval kingdom that is depicted in the film. It starts with two new characters greeting the viewer, and then they have to find the Sword of Baahubali. The character in the film needs to get that sword to be victorious. It is interactive to such a level that as a viewer, you get to witness the king’s court, and also have to deal with the attack of a big elephant. The VR experience lasts around 10 minutes. The makers have also announced that they will set up 50 VR booths across the country, where the audience can get the experience of being on the sets of Baahubali.
Across the world, development and implementation of technology in creative fields has gained momentum and VR is on the forefront of these developments. And it seems like Baahubali director SS Rajamouli has inspired the filmmakers of Malayalam war film, 1971 Beyond Borders, to utilise the offerings of this ever-growing technology to provide the fans a unique viewing experience. Superstar Mohanlal and his director Major Ravi have made a virtual reality video, which offers the viewers a sit-down experience of watching the trailer of 1971 Beyond Borders with the filmmakers.

Like we keep saying, this is the year of VR and seems like these pioneers of Indian cinema swear by our word. So until the much awaited ‘Baahubali 2: The conclusion’ hits the theatres, experience the world of Baahubali in VR. And stay tuned to know more about such interesting stuff from the VR world, because we are where VR is!

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