Beat the heat with Virtual Reality water slides

What thrills us the most when we hear the word ‘Theme Parks’, is the cluster of some amazing and adventurous water slides. Swooning around them on a beautiful sunny day and with adventure filled in every minute is what makes a perfect holiday. But have you ever imagined that how would it feel to try something like that in VR? Well, now you can with the world’s first Virtual Reality waterslide which is expected to open at the Galaxy Water Park in Bavaria?

2.pngMalcolm Burt, an academic who is doing Ph.D. in Queensland’s University has been working with a German water slide company to create the first ever virtual reality water slide. His quotes about the whole concept in a press release read, “Essentially, it’s a waterslide, but when you ride, you’re wearing virtual reality goggles which totally intensifies many elements of the experience. Using research into VR immersion, and how to trick the brain into believing it is in danger, every twist, turn, and launch is magnified, and it definitely makes for more of an adrenaline kick.”

3Expected to be the biggest attraction, it is now undergoing certain tests and observations and will mostly be open for public earlier this year. Through this adventurous ride, VR lovers can get a whole new experience of sliding on molten lava instead of water and dodging some volcanic eruptions as well. The ride is currently unnamed and Malcolm wants to give it a suitable name which highlights some details about the ride.

According to Malcolm, what excites him the most is not that he is working on the first-ever virtual reality water slide or the data collection or symmetry which is being used to create but the actual feeding in the whole development plan of the ride right from the beginning. Burt has also been successful in garnering the attention of the biggest water slide company Wiegand-Maelzer after he released his documentary film ‘Signature Attraction’ about the concept of why roller coasters exist? His research has boosted up the excitement level of the vendors from various countries and Six Flags is allowing him to collect data with a VR roller coaster and a ride which is more than 400 feet high.

1While theme parks have always been a point of major attraction, it will be a cherry on the cake for all the VR lovers as now they can slide along the adventurous water slides while continuing their hobby of gaming.

Happy Sliding!!!


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