Adult VR content finds its way to hotel rooms

For long, people have been renting out erotic movies to watch in the privacy of their hotel rooms. But with the proliferation of Internet porn due to easy availability of tablets, laptops and mobile devices, hotels now seek ways to recoup revenue from the outdated television erotic services. Here again, VR comes to the rescue. Now, with virtual reality becoming more prevalent, one company is experimenting with a combination of the two — VR porn room service. Virtual reality porn producers VR Bangers recently announced a collaboration with tech company AuraVision to create x-rated headsets for hotel rooms, aptly named the “VR Bangers Hotel Experience,” where you, the turned on hotel guest, can ‘invite’ a porn star up to your room for a steamy night of imaginary lovemaking.
The complete package will soon be trialled in Las Vegas hotels but the company hopes that as VR experiences become more popular, more and more hotels will start to offer this service. Talking about how it will work after buying it for $19.99, a statement from the company said, “You will then choose a girl or guy of your choice and see your hotel room replicated in the VR headset, making the experience much more realistic. Next, you will hear a knock on the door — in the virtual reality world — and the girl or guy will come into your room in order to enjoy an erotic or sex experience with the viewer.”
VR Bangers already supports a variety of platforms, including the Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR. The AuraVisor is potentially a good fit for it because it’s cheap and doesn’t require a tethered smartphone. The headset is, essentially, a self-contained Android device running a modified version of Google’s mobile OS. It has a 5-inch 1080p display and a 100-degree field of view, with access to a custom VR store that’s linked to the Google Play marketplace. Such a setup should appeal to customers, especially business folk, who want to leave no trace of their VR escapades on their phone.
But the VR porn trial run has at least a few disparagers – sex workers in the Vegas region’s legal brothels are completely in opposition to any such services. So, what do you think, after VR strip clubs, is VR porn in hotel rooms a good idea? Do share your opinion and keep coming back for more interesting updates from the VR world, because we are where VR is!

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