Now be a ‘Superhero’ with VR

If it wasn’t already clear to the world that Disney is big on wearable gaming, it is now with the announcement of Powers United VR. Disney’s D23 Expo covers all aspects of its entertainment empire, and recently the studio revealed that virtual reality is coming to the Marvel universe. Marvel Powers United VR is being made by Oculus and Sanzaru Games, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect if you dreamed up a superhero virtual reality game. The announcement came during the “Level Up” gaming panel, which also included updates about Star Wars: Battlefront II and Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spider-Man game.


The game will let you step into the suit of one of multiple legendary Marvel figures including Captain Marvel, the Hulk, Rocket Raccoon and Ronan the Accuser and join your friends as you battle villains using your character’s unique powers. And in this case, that makes a big difference — Hulk towers over his enemies and can throw missiles back at his opponents, for instance, while Rocket makes up for his small size with firepower. While for now, the trailer only showcases battles against thugs and bots, Disney indicated that the final game will feature famous villains from Marvel comics. Disney also stands to reason that the final version of the game will feature a much larger roster of playable heroes. The inclusion of Captain Marvel is particularly interesting as it suggests that heroes not included in the Marvel cinematic universe – at least not yet – might make an appearance in the game.


Talking about the gameplay, it looks like a standard fare so far. Players will traverse various worlds via a first-person perspective and use the Oculus Rift’s motion controllers to independently operate weapons and powers assigned to both hands. The trailer indicates that there will be an “arcade-like” component to the action that keeps track of player’s kill streaks and similar statistics. Interestingly, it also seems like players will have access to special abilities unique to the character they are playing. Like the trailer involved the player controlling The Incredible Hulk performing a fist slam motion which was echoed by his virtual avatar.

Another fact about the release is that it wouldn’t give you much choice when it comes to VR hardware as Power United is going to be an Oculus Rift exclusive. The upcoming title is touted as “one of the most action-packed games” arriving next year. So, for those who want a hands-on experience, the developers will be a holding demo for San Diego Comic-Con attendees at the Marvel booth from July 19 to 23. And for everybody else, enjoy the game’s first trailer for now.



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