Now browse the web in VR with Chrome

While being a superhero or flying into space might sound like more fun ways to make use of VR, virtual reality technology is here to also transform the way we experience everyday stuff – like watching movies or browsing the web. With its recent release, Google Inc.’s flagship browser Chrome on Android will now allow users who have the Google Daydream virtual reality headset to experience the entire web in an immersive manner. Google actually added support for the WebVR technology to Chrome back in February, but this new update lets you surf any site on the web in a VR environment, whether or not it has any specific virtual reality extras added. The functionality exists for any website you visit through the browser, but only if you’re using your mobile phone.
Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 3.53.18 pm.png
Chrome development team member François Beaufort announced that the first set of capabilities are now available to test. Users need to only launch a website on an Android phone with Chrome installed and updated, slide it into the Daydream VR headset and they have an instant virtual reality web. He said, “The first set of features is available to try out in Chrome 61. So far this allows users to view and interact with any website in VR, follow links between pages, and move between 2-D and immersive viewing for sites that support WebVR.”
For those who are unaware, WebVR is a lightweight virtual reality platform designed for use on web pages. It allows the developers to both enable and launch 3-D and 360-degree experiences directly from the web. With WebVR enabled on a browser, it allows any web page to become a VR experience from the phone itself, as a “window” into VR, via a headset – with a mobile device or desktop connected. Having said that, there is no doubt that some web pages will lend themselves to the VR experience better than others. The VR version of a page that’s heavy on text, for instance, will be neither exciting or especially easy to scan quickly; while a web page with a 360-degree video or game, on the other hand, could be much more compelling.

However great this new feature may sound, it comes with its limitations i.e. one has to be on Chrome 61 to access the feature, but even then one also needs to have a Google’s Daydream View headsets.

These recent developments in the virtual reality industry seems to be very interesting but the fact that a lot of people still aren’t entirely comfortable with strapping a large headset to their face and using a VR headset for too long as it has been known to cause sickness, makes us doubt the kind of response it might receive. So, let us know what do you think about this latest update by Google Inc. and keep reading for all the updates from the VR world because we are, where VR is!


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