Be the Stormtroopers and travel galaxies in VR!

VR has now crossed galaxies as Star Wars becomes the latest franchise to get the virtual reality treatment with its new computer-generated experience called Secrets of the Empire launching just in time for new movie The Last Jedi. Opening up at The Atrium in Westfield London shopping centre, Secrets of the Empire is dubbed as a “hyper-reality experience” by Lucasfilm, ILMxLAB and The VOID. The … Continue reading Be the Stormtroopers and travel galaxies in VR!

Best virtual reality applications

For quite some time we have been discussing the new developments in the VR industry. So now taking a step back, let’s have a look at the existing ways of entertainment for various VR mediums. In case you are still not clear as to what we are talking about; today’s blog will cover the best virtual reality applications available for the different headgears. Let’s get … Continue reading Best virtual reality applications

Hollywood studios join the “virtual” race

After the announcement of Disney’s latest VR entry, the Power United VR, we can confidently say that Hollywood’s biggest studios are all betting on virtual reality, just that the degree of involvement varies. With the box office growing slowly and the pay-TV landscape in flux, studios feel like they can’t miss out on what could be a big part of the future of filmed entertainment. … Continue reading Hollywood studios join the “virtual” race

Now be a ‘Superhero’ with VR

If it wasn’t already clear to the world that Disney is big on wearable gaming, it is now with the announcement of Powers United VR. Disney’s D23 Expo covers all aspects of its entertainment empire, and recently the studio revealed that virtual reality is coming to the Marvel universe. Marvel Powers United VR is being made by Oculus and Sanzaru Games, and it’s pretty much … Continue reading Now be a ‘Superhero’ with VR

Beat the heat with Virtual Reality water slides

What thrills us the most when we hear the word ‘Theme Parks’, is the cluster of some amazing and adventurous water slides. Swooning around them on a beautiful sunny day and with adventure filled in every minute is what makes a perfect holiday. But have you ever imagined that how would it feel to try something like that in VR? Well, now you can with … Continue reading Beat the heat with Virtual Reality water slides

VR at Game Developer’s Conference 2017

Game Developer’s Conference is that global platform where great ideas are exchanged to create innovative products, investors and marketers galore to showcase their independent games and most importantly a solid platform for virtual reality. This year the GDC kicked off from February 27, 2017 to March 3, 2017 at San Francisco and we can say that this was the best week ever for Virtual reality. … Continue reading VR at Game Developer’s Conference 2017