VR gloves: Latest thrill for tech enthusiasts

While we consumers are still getting used to the virtual reality tech and trying to decide whether or not to jump on board yet, Mark Zuckerberg is keeping a close eye on what is going on at the research end of Oculus. And going by the latest updates, we can surely say something interesting is cooking up; for the latest R&D project being virtual reality … Continue reading VR gloves: Latest thrill for tech enthusiasts

Let’s socialize, the VR way 

With time, we have found better ways to communicate and share. Earlier it was text which later moved on to a picture. Well, a picture was definitely the medium we widely accepted but what was more engaging was a video. And to bring this all to us, we cannot forget but thank Facebook. After Facebook’s video strategy turned out to be a success, the social network … Continue reading Let’s socialize, the VR way