Now deliver babies in VR!

After making inroads into several industries, virtual reality has now reached the delivery rooms. For long, VR enthusiasts have been trying to tap the possibilities of VR being the primary tool of education in the healthcare sector and it looks like the dream has now turned into reality, or say virtual reality. The University of Newcastle in Australia has launched a new virtual reality project … Continue reading Now deliver babies in VR!

HTC Vive’s birthday brings gifts for customers

HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone maker is celebrating the one year anniversary of its virtual reality device, the HTC Vive. To make this a more memorable day for customers, HTC has planned to launch a new monthly subscription service for virtual reality content like video games and short interactive films. The new HTC’s online Viveport store will feature a monthly subscription service, where viewers can download … Continue reading HTC Vive’s birthday brings gifts for customers