NASA’s tryst with VR

Well, I am sure no one would be surprised to know that NASA has used virtual reality for decades. But, the surprise is that the recent innovations in VR platforms like PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive, is also impacting NASA and how it trains astronauts for missions. Not just the masses, but this space agency is also glad about the consumer electronics industry‚Äôs … Continue reading NASA’s tryst with VR

Weird yet cool VR inventions

Virtual Reality is definitely the next big thing and every other company is busy capitalising the forthcoming opportunity. In the last blog, we spoke about the Best Head Mounted Displays available in Indian market and they are surely giving competition to all the corporate biggies. But the industry did not stop at the thought of latching devices over our faces and teleporting us to a … Continue reading Weird yet cool VR inventions