VR now a part of ‘Empathy Training’

Virtual reality (VR) training company STRIVR has already made its mark with the immersive teaching systems which are being used by the NFL, NCAA, NBA and NHL for their athletes. But it’s not just the sports that interests STRIVR, as it is also using its expertise to help major companies like Wal-Mart, United Rentals and now Fidelity to train employees on customer service, management, and … Continue reading VR now a part of ‘Empathy Training’

Architecture now gets a virtual touch

After exploring the horizons in various aspects, Virtual Reality has now marched its footsteps to architecture. Initially, what seemed beyond imagination has been witnessing rapid growth in the Architectural world, each passing day. It is a common phenomenon that the architect enters his own building, which in the end doesn’t match with his vision. Traditional design visualization can only offer this much and this is … Continue reading Architecture now gets a virtual touch