Hollywood studios join the “virtual” race

After the announcement of Disney’s latest VR entry, the Power United VR, we can confidently say that Hollywood’s biggest studios are all betting on virtual reality, just that the degree of involvement varies. With the box office growing slowly and the pay-TV landscape in flux, studios feel like they can’t miss out on what could be a big part of the future of filmed entertainment. … Continue reading Hollywood studios join the “virtual” race

Facebook’s new attempt at making VR reach masses

Every now and then we keep telling you about the various things which you can do in virtual reality but to be honest, a true believer of this thought is Facebook. The company believes that there is a lot more to VR which we are not aware of. Working on the same ideology, the company has added a live-streaming feature to its virtual reality app … Continue reading Facebook’s new attempt at making VR reach masses

Adult VR content finds its way to hotel rooms

For long, people have been renting out erotic movies to watch in the privacy of their hotel rooms. But with the proliferation of Internet porn due to easy availability of tablets, laptops and mobile devices, hotels now seek ways to recoup revenue from the outdated television erotic services. Here again, VR comes to the rescue. Now, with virtual reality becoming more prevalent, one company is … Continue reading Adult VR content finds its way to hotel rooms

Two New York men on a Virtual Reality spree

In the recent past Virtual Reality has evolved itself as a superpower in the digital world as most of the today’s generation is getting more attracted to the technological world. The recent few advancements in VR has made it one of the favorites among the youth. VR lovers like you and me are in search of new opportunities of experiencing the Virtual Reality and its … Continue reading Two New York men on a Virtual Reality spree

VR gloves: Latest thrill for tech enthusiasts

While we consumers are still getting used to the virtual reality tech and trying to decide whether or not to jump on board yet, Mark Zuckerberg is keeping a close eye on what is going on at the research end of Oculus. And going by the latest updates, we can surely say something interesting is cooking up; for the latest R&D project being virtual reality … Continue reading VR gloves: Latest thrill for tech enthusiasts

Decoding the making of a VR video

  For long we have been discussing the cool stuff being made in the VR industry day after another, whether it be the immersive virtual reality videos or the break through VR devices. Now, taking the story little back to basics we would like to simplify the industry for you and decode the making of a VR video. Well, it is definitely not rocket science … Continue reading Decoding the making of a VR video

NASA’s tryst with VR

Well, I am sure no one would be surprised to know that NASA has used virtual reality for decades. But, the surprise is that the recent innovations in VR platforms like PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive, is also impacting NASA and how it trains astronauts for missions. Not just the masses, but this space agency is also glad about the consumer electronics industry’s … Continue reading NASA’s tryst with VR

Unraveling October: Year’s biggest VR month

Even if you’ve tried virtual reality or already own a VR system, you wouldn’t disagree with the fact that it is still far from being a certified household name. Even after trying hands on the best of VR gears, no one is practically prepared for what is about to come with the onset of October. Come October and every big brand name will be associated … Continue reading Unraveling October: Year’s biggest VR month

Let’s socialize, the VR way 

With time, we have found better ways to communicate and share. Earlier it was text which later moved on to a picture. Well, a picture was definitely the medium we widely accepted but what was more engaging was a video. And to bring this all to us, we cannot forget but thank Facebook. After Facebook’s video strategy turned out to be a success, the social network … Continue reading Let’s socialize, the VR way